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How will my staff access the online training program?

Posted Jun 5th, 2017 in FAQs

How will my staff access the online training program?

Once our consulting team has a complete understanding of your corporate training needs, and has designed a course of action for implementation, we will use our digital training tools to deliver the course material.

Your staff will access the online training through a digital portal, set up on your website, which will allow for training at any time, day or night.

If you have staff across the country or around the world in different time zones, or working flex hours, they will all have access to the digital training tools when they need them. They will be able to access their training materials through your website in a password protected area set up specifically for your corporate training program.

This makes it easy to deliver your training programs in a consistent fashion across multiple business units, in different geographies – saving you time and money.

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