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Why Choose TrainEase?

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Why choose TrainEase to help develop online training programs that take your company to the next level of success? Good question.

We know there are many other companies you could consider working with. And we also know that there is an abundance of Learning Management System (LMS) software options on the market.

Here are our answers to the question of why work with us:

Strategic Needs Consulting

First and foremost, we are business people designing business tools to help our client's businesses be more successful.

Although we offer sophisticated software and digital tools, we are business consultants first. Each of our TrainEase Consultants has managed a business in diverse fields which include marketing and communications, finance, technology and manufacturing. We have managed people. We have developed our own training programs and we have coached our employees to achieve sales and operational targets.

This perspective gives us an edge when we work with the digital tools that help you execute your training objectives.

We know business, we know training, and we know how to make it easy for business owners and managers to administrate training programs.

Brain Science for Learning

We understand the science behind learning – both in person and online – and know the factors that contribute to success.

If you're reading this web page, you're probably ready to invest a significant amount of money towards training. Working with a team who's experience includes an understanding of how the brain works to process, retain and recall information is valuable. Because you want the best ROI you can get.

On Time, On Budget

We are excellent project managers, so you can trust our commitment to on 'on-time' and 'on-budget' delivery.

You may say, "Well, of course!" But in the world of digital technology, there are far, far too many companies who find themselves in a financial 'vortex' because the scope was not clearly defined and the project was not well managed. We guide you, step-by-step through a process that allows both your team and ours to manage properly and get to the result on-time and on-budget.

Guide you through the Maze

You can trust us to guide you through the digital 'maze', simplifying it so it makes sense to you and your team.

We understand that you are not an expert in the area of online technology... nor should you be. But, we are.

Within the the context of building your successful training program, it is the combination of digital expertise, business experience and knowing what tools to use when that make the TrainEase team stand out from the crowd.

Digital Tools

We'll integrate a full range of digital tools, to meet the needs of each specific component of your training.

Your online training program won't just deliver product quizzes. We will consider all of the latest technologies, including videography, new employee on-boarding, milestones and benchmark progress reports, and much more.

Business References

We'll put you in touch with the references you need to feel comfortable working with us.

Not every company will disclose real references to a new client. We will. We're open, transparent and trustworthy.

Whether you have an existing training program you'd like to deliver more efficiently, or you need to develop one from scratch, TrainEase can help.

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